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Red panda seafood fried rice
red panda bowl

+ Fried Rice
+ Fresh Salad 
+ Protein
+ Homemade Sauce 

red panda combination plate

 Combination Plate 

+ Rice
+ Fresh Salad

+ Refreshing Ceviche
+ Crispy

+ Protein 

+ Homemade Sauce
+ Extra Side
( $2.99 each.)

or try our Signature Bowls 

Veggie Buddy 

Brown rice, Heart of palm, bean salad, potato, Veggie, Yuzu


Seafood Rice, salmon, edamame, pork, Beef


Seafood Rice,  Veggie, Potato, cucumber/tomato, salmon/shimp


Chicken, potato, salmon, white rice, edamame 

Half and Half 

All Half and Half 

red panda three bean


Beans, a robust plant-based protein source, provide numerous health benefits with their rich supply of fiber, iron, and vitamins. 

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